My name is....

My name is Ama...
Actually, my name is Annemarie, which is a really boring name in Dutch, especially after a band in the 80's made a song about a girl named Annemarie who was really, really dull. So I took out the most commonly used vowel and consonant(?) e & n and changed my named to Amari. People started calling me Ama as a short version of that and that stuck.

I know it is also used as a name in Africa, and I think also in Japan. That's the story of my name =^x^=

So it doesn't mean anything (yet) like "lol". But maybe it day.(Always Making Art, Another Miserable Alien, Acting Meow Adorable...) ;-D
Any cool suggestions to what AMA should/could mean are welcome!
I'll go back to my knitting now :) :)



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