I'm moving shops on Etsy!

I have taken the big step of changing shops, in order to have a more unique shop name.

The name "makemesmile" usually is already taken as a username, so I ended up with using 2 different names on the internet.

My new shop is this one: MissMinoes.etsy.com

There are still many items in makemesmile.etsy.com because I have to set everything over by hand.

Another change is that I will no longer have seperate sections for the items for animal charity.

In the new shop 50% of proceeds of ALL items will go to Stevenhage animal shelter, with exception of the cat toys (100% for the animals).

Don't forget to add my new shop to your favourites on Etsy and to update your bookmarks!



PS: Do you like my new model?


Annette F. Tait said…
I like the model Ama! and your photos are superb!

I will bookmark your new shop - had a problem earlier trying to do it. Probably my computer.

all the best,

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