Cini the Cat & ThingLink

Here's Cini the Cat by Pini Piru on display in my personal "gallery". This screenprint has been on my wishlist for some months, so I'm very delighted to see her every day now. The artist is Kaylee Wu (7 jaar oud).
Next to Cini is a cat etching by Atelier 28. Which is very appropriate as Cini is screenprinted on handmade paper by Atelier 28.
On the other side there is a wooden sigarbox: it's cd case for the album Krankenhaus by Dutch band The Kift.  De Kift's cd packaging are such nice pieces of art. It would be a shame to hide them in a cd rack.

This post also is my first  experiment with ThingLink. I first learned about this widget at the  HelloEtsy conference in Berlin. With ThingLink you can tag within a photo to a website, shop, YouTube or even record your own sound. Just move your cursor over the photo:

If you were at HelloEtsy: did you try ThingLink already?


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