Sunday Inspiration: VLLA Amsterdam

In Amsterdam near Metro Postjesweg (line 50) is a place where creatives can make, cook, perform, express, be...

It's called VLLA and I went there last month to a mini market they organised. There were about 10 booths with vintage sellers and upcoming designers. And if you wanted you could also get your hair cut on the spot.

Among the sellers was Rosa Rosas, with some fabulous vintage glamour from her Amsterdam shop.
From the young designers the cameos from Etsy seller MCODE really impressed me. I didn't take a photo from those, but check out their shop!

There was a relaxed Sunday afternoon atmosphere, but I had to leave already before the musical performances started. I'll surely will keep up to date with the VLLA agenda for future events.

(Check out that amazing bicycle lampshades above the bar!) 


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