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Knitting on the train

I just finished another kitty hat.

I'm actually working on another project: a custom order scarf.
But yesterday I had some train traveling to do.
This means: starting on a new hat.

The first threequarter of a hat I always knit on a circular needle, which has a lot of benefits in the train:
1. you don't poke your fellow traveler2. you don't lose any stitches3. it fits in my handbag!4. there is no wasted time, when the train stops for 10 minutes in the middle of nowhere5. never loose an opportunity to hand out a businesscard =^x^=I get a lot of questions about what I'm making, where I learned to knit, how it works with the circular needle...
And voila:

My name is....

My name is Ama...
Actually, my name is Annemarie, which is a really boring name in Dutch, especially after a band in the 80's made a song about a girl named Annemarie who was really, really dull. So I took out the most commonly used vowel and consonant(?) e & n and changed my named to Amari. People started calling me Ama as a short version of that and that stuck.

I know it is also used as a name in Africa, and I think also in Japan. That's the story of my name =^x^=

So it doesn't mean anything (yet) like "lol". But maybe it day.(Always Making Art, Another Miserable Alien, Acting Meow Adorable...) ;-D
Any cool suggestions to what AMA should/could mean are welcome!
I'll go back to my knitting now :) :)