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Christmas Eve, and..Oh no! I forgot to buy a gift for....

Last post of the Christmas gift guide. Forgot someone on your christmas shopping list?

Don't panic!

You'll have to work with what you have in the house.

Tip 1: For the cooking cousin:
Almost everyone has the ingredients for pancakes in their kitchen.
Print out a visually nice recipe of the internet.
Take a pretty bowl or plate from your own kitchen (* Not the one you got from this same cousin last year! *).
Arrange ingredients on bowl/plate with recipe. Wrap nicely.

Tip 2: For your crafty sister or your aunt who's fond of handmade or vintage items:
Gift card from Etsy or DaWanda . Wrap nicely!

Tip 3: For your little nephew that loves dinosaurs:
Dive into your pile of magazines and cut out some colourful pages. Fold these into a origami Jurassic park. Wrap nicely!

Tip 4:
Does the person have a favourite quote? Discover your inner graphic designing talent. Using multiple colours and different fonts try to create an appealing artwork. Print out on sturdy or photo paper and put it…

Sunday Inspiration: Swanmarket

This weekend there was another Swanmarket in Rotterdam. Apparently they had a tough Saturday with lots of rain. That made some vendors to decide to stay home for the Sunday, so it was a little bit smaller. But nonetheless a very nice atmosphere.

Its always nice to meet up in real life people I know via twitter, like Mirjam from
Her funky coloured buttons for kids who will become a big brother or sister, and her colourful key fobs and  pacifier cords were well liked by the customers.

Another booth that caught my eye was "I Am Recycled". Just look at those cute bird houses and felt people garlands.

Also worth it to check out (but not in this picture): the porcelain bottles of  FoekjeFleur and the knit pillows by With Yarn And Love.

3 Days To Christmas : Last minute DIY for Cat Lovers

Just a few days till Christmas: still want to make a handmade gift? Here are some great weekend projects to make for a cat lover. All these patterns are available on

Helmet style chunky knit cat hat: pattern by Pixiebell on Etsy.
Printable Desk Calender by EclecticNoteCards on Etsy.
Amigurimi Cat crochet pattern by Lybo on Etsy.
Cat Eyes Peyote bracelet pattern by MegansBeadedDesigns on Etsy.
Crochet Cat Applique or Ornament pattern by SusanLinnStudio on Etsy. (I've got this one: very clear instructions).

5 days to Christmas: 4 shining DIY patterns and a brilliant star

Today more DIY patterns in my gift guide, and an exclusive online show.

Crochet pattern Pop Hat by Haakt (and Roest) on Etsy
Free DIY paper Starburst lampshade pattern.
Gabby Young solo show on Stageit (on Sunday December 23rd)
Vintage bolero knitting pattern from PatternsOfYesteryear on Etsy
iPad cover sewing pattern by napkittenpattern on DaWanda

6 days to Christmas - Allons-y : Make it yourself!

6 Days to Chrismas. it's going to be more uncertain if you want to order anything on the internet.
So: do it yourself. You can get many nice online patterns as a PDF.

Here are some ideas for a Doctor Who / SF fan:

Knitted Dalek-inspired wristwarmers by LauraIsaac on Etsy.
David Tennant (10th Doctor) Illusion knitting pattern by Woollythoughts on Etsy.
Pattern for a toy rocket by DIY Fluffies on DaWanda.
Crossstitch pattern for a bookmark, Doctor Who "The library" quote: CharmingCraftsRu on Etsy.

For the illusion knit you probably shouldn't waste any time, if you want it ready before Christmas. It looks awesome though (maybe for a vest or sweater?).

I once knitted a "Madness" illusion scarf for my BF and did the whole project right in front of him. He never noticed. ;) You'll have to keep focused though, a few times I noticed my mistakes many rows further and had to unravel part of the scarf! 

The other patterns can make a fun last minute weekend projec…

7 Days to Christmas : oh deer!

Just 7 days to Christmas. Still have some gifts to get? Today the theme of the Gift Guide is: deer.

I found these lovely items on Gabberdashery, Etsy en DaWanda. But do keep in mind that shipping from abroad might not be delivered before Christmas.

That's why, from tomorrow, I will put patterns and PDFs for handmade gifts in the spotlight.

Wooden laser-cut necklace by LV Designs on DaWanda.
Deer lady: A4 print by Sandra Dieckmann on Gabberdashery.
DIY kit to make a animal friendly mounted deer: Planet Fur on Etsy.
Cute necklace (and on sale!) by KittyDarknessDesigns on Etsy.
A mini stamp with a deer by MissHoneyBird on Etsy.

8 Days to Christmas: Food and Drink

Together we are counting down to Christmas on my Miss Minoes blog.
Every day nice gift ideas i found on Etsy, Dawanda en Gabberdashery.
Today that typical holiday theme: Food and Drink.

Delicious does not have to be unhealthy: Raw vegan cookies by Happy Herbi on Etsy
Giant "Drink Me" necklace from Love From Hetty And Dave on Gabberdashery
Who would not want to be invited to pancakes? Card by Nicola Rowlands on Etsy
Huggable Sushi: Pillow by My Pillow Factory on DaWanda

9 Days to Christmas : Gold

I am counting down to Christmas with a daily gift guide on my blog.
Here are some of my recommendations from Etsy, DaWanda and Gabberdashery.
Today's theme: gold.

Prepare to sparkle on Christmas or New Years Eve:

Sequin cape by Rosa Bloom on Gabberdashery.
Burlesque crown by Janine Basil on DaWanda.
To The Moon necklace by Drops Of Art on Etsy
Vintage bow belt buckle by MooiVintage on Etsy

10 days to Christmas: Rockin' Robins

A 10 day countdown gift guide. These are my personal recommendations for lovingly handmade gifts.
Today's theme: Rockin' Robins

Beautiful pillow by Myrte on Etsy
Pretty phone cover by Van Ikke on DaWanda
Sweet brooch by Holly Trill on Gabberdashery


I've been so busy last week, I didn't have time to blog yet about #creasint .

What is #creasint?
Creasint is a initiative by Imke of the Lovejohnny blog.
She invited creative people via twitter who wanted to participate in sending each other a Sinterklaas gift. The gift could be something handmade, or a cool thrift store find...

Why was it so much fun?
For me it must have been over 20 years since I celebrated the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition. Most friends don't celebrate it any more. And families with younger children have the festivities in the afternoon (while I'm still at work).

What did I give?
Imke send us each a lovely note with the information for whom we should make the present: it was illustrator Kim Welling.
From the note I read that Kim does a lot of activities: gardening, baking, knitting, crocheting.
I figured someone with so many hobbies would need a crafting apron for all her tools.

Now there was a bit of a challenge there. Because my fabric stock contains …

Sunday Inspiration: VLLA Amsterdam

In Amsterdam near Metro Postjesweg (line 50) is a place where creatives can make, cook, perform, express, be...

It's called VLLA and I went there last month to a mini market they organised. There were about 10 booths with vintage sellers and upcoming designers. And if you wanted you could also get your hair cut on the spot.

Among the sellers was Rosa Rosas, with some fabulous vintage glamour from her Amsterdam shop.
From the young designers the cameos from Etsy seller MCODE really impressed me. I didn't take a photo from those, but check out their shop!

There was a relaxed Sunday afternoon atmosphere, but I had to leave already before the musical performances started. I'll surely will keep up to date with the VLLA agenda for future events.

(Check out that amazing bicycle lampshades above the bar!)