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Artist Textiles - Textielmuseum Tilburg

A must see this summer are the 3 exhibitions at the Textielmuseum in Tilburg.
It's where I spend this lovely Sunday afternoon!

A major attraction is the overview of 20th-century textile designs from famous artists like Miro, Picasso, Warhol. The historic background is very interesting, the textile designs by painters and other artists were often created to make art more accessible ("Art by the yard"). But the real stars of the exhibit are of course the fabrics themselves. It is a good thing they put a lot of notes around saying: Don't touch! because some fabrics look so inviting.

 (3:Estelle Laverne | 4:Nevill Johnson | 5:Eduardo Poalozzi | 6:Steinberg | 7:Andy Warhol)

ARTIST TEXTILES, Picasso to Warhol (- till September 14, 2014)

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On the first floor of the museum I felt like stepping into wonderland. There are 2 intriguing and surprising exhibits.

The first one is the 8 fascinating tapestries based on the subconscious hallucinating state of the mind…