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Oct 3, 2009: Open Day at the animal shelter

I am preparing for the annual Open Day at the Animal Shelter Stevenshage I support. I have had my own booth there since 2oo6. To sell "Hats for People: Cash for Cats".

I usually create some additional items for selling. Cat toys are always a big hit there.
And last year I succesfully introduced the gift-bags and envelopes I made of animal calenders.
Of course I am always hoping to sell some cat scarves and kitty hats as well.

The Open Day is just 10 days away now:
October 3rd 2009.
As it happens this same day is also a big fiesta in Leiden (in celebration of being liberated from the Spanish 435 years ago) with a fair, a parade and quite a lot of eating and drinking.
I'm hoping to see the people who'll want to escape the crowdy city centre of Leiden and come over to visit Animal Shelter Stevenshage.