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I love challenges!

I love crafty contests. They challenge me to think out of the box and try new things.

In a Dutch magazine Handwerken Zonder Grenzen there is a contest to make a design for a yarn called Hoooked zpagetti. This yarn is a tube of jersey made of rest materials from the fabric and fashion industries.

Since I didn't have the yarn at hand I made my own version to get a material with similar properties. I cut up 2 t-shirts in two long bands of jersey yarn.

With this I knitted my design in dropped stitches on needles sz 10.

And here's the result: a "Stads-Kat" (="City-Kitty") It's a cozy for the small poles you find in a lot of Dutch towns. I did it in red and white because many cities, like my own, have those as their town-colours. And the candy stripe effect makes it an original decoration for the upcoming holidays!
If you do like it you can vote for it here !

Interview with me by Annette (Dragon House Of Yuen)

The lovely Annette of Dragon House Of Yuen interviewed me for her blog.
You might remember her of an earlier post, when I won one of her Arabella bags.
She's a real star, I love how she weaved in the photo's of the rescue animals waiting at the animal shelter Stevenshage for a new home now. Her questions really challenged me to describe the artistic development as well as the animal charity goal of my project. About the latter I am used to talk, but my creative side is less structured and outlined in my head. So it was a real pleasure to talk to Annette.

The whole interview can be found HERE.

Magic scissors - The Art Of Lotte Reiniger

Last sunday the fashion designers Victor & Rolf were guests on the Dutch tv programme Zomergasten ("Summerguests"). They were invited to show excerpts from movies/television and explain why they wanted to share these. The first film of their choice was a part of "Cinderella" by Lotte Reiniger. The interesting opening scene with scissors and the strong black silhouettes were a clear connection with the work of V&R.

For me this was a first introduction to Lotte Reinigers work. Lotte Reiniger made silhouette movies in the early 20th century. She used shadow puppets and a stop motion technique. Truly amazing!

I tried to find a fragment of the same Cinderella on YouTube, but unfortunately I could only find a version from 1954. Apparently the folks in the fifties thought a silent movie was "so 1920s" so they decided to add a narrator. I preferred it with just music.

However I did find a part of a documentary,

and a beautiful movie "Das Lebende Marmorbi…