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Gothic Laura Ingalls goes Dutch

Since I was close to a sunstroke 2 weeks ago I decided it was time for another good sunhat. I am currently working on some different designs. Keeping in mind that my head is actually quite large I wanted a shape that would not be so size-related.
In mind came Laura Ingalls' yellow bonnet (too many reruns of The Little House On The Prairie =^x^= ), but in a kawaii fabric version. This option will also be explored in the future.
But now I got side tracked by the idea of combining it with Dutch traditional folk wear. In Dutch tradional costume the women often have a lace hat or bonnet. And particularly in Zeeland they sometimes wear starch striped, floral or plaid fabric to cover chest and shoulders. This is for instance the case in Spakenburg. I decided to use that starch printed fabric for the hat to emphasis the simple lines.

The shimmery "mirrors" completed the Dutch influence.
Thank you, kraplap: to also be an inspiration to this design with the weekly challenge for…

Queen of seaweed - hat

Are mermaids pink haired perky creatures splashing in blue water while singing with their jolly starfish friends?
Not in my world.Mermaids must live in the deepest part of the ocean, where the sunlight won't come. Plankton, jelly fish and nuclear waste surrounds them. Nothing romantic about it. They are just queens of seaweed.

This was the inspiration I got from this blue/black/green yarn for my 'Queen of seaweed' hat:

Alice's Fusion Tea Party

This afternoon I went to the free 'Land Of The Rising Sense' art festival in Leiden. Mainly because I was intrigued by Toyoko Shimada's Alice's Fusion Tea Party.

I attended observed a Japanese tea ceremony and participated in a Chinese. It was both educational and fun. The art festival is not very big. But if you go tomorrow (Sunday 14th) there is a lecture about Shojo culture, kawaii etc as well. You might see me there again, as the Scheltema complex is only a short walk away from my house and the admittance is free. In the museum next door (Lakenhal) there is also a Japan themed exposition. So make a day of it!
(My white rabbit Arabella bag fitted right in with the Alice theme. I've handed out some of Dragonhouseofyuen's business cards. =^x^=) More info: