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Animal ambulance Alphen needs donations / Dierenambulance Alphen heeft uw bijdrage nodig

This newsstory of last month grabbed my attention. It's a call for financial support of the Animal Ambulance in the Dutch town of Alphen a/d Rijn. This organization is not subsidized. They are depending on donations of animal lovers. What does the Animal Ambulance Alphen a/d Rijn do?
"This Dutch animal ambulance service provides emergency care to injured animals and transports them to the vet. Also they transport animals to specialized shelters troughout the country. The ambulance staff is highly trained and in possesion of a diploma for Animal First Aid. As the ambulance is based in Alphen aan den Rijn they can guarantee to reach an emergency very quickly (even though they cover a large area-MM). Which of course is in the best interest of the animal. Also for transporting your pet to the vet and back home, you can call upon the animal ambulance. (For instance if the pet's owner does not have the right transportation. They do ask for a small fee for this service. - MM) "…

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland: Work in Progress

"Alice In Wonderland" is an ongoing source of inspiration for me. Just like "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" I can reread the book to infinity and every time laugh out loud. I think what fascinates me most in both books is how the absurdity and impossible are presented as logical. It makes me question the so-called scientific facts and opens my mind to creativity.
Being a Tim Burton fan I can't wait for the upcoming movie to come out, so Alice is even more than ever present in my thoughts. And that naturally reflects in my creations. My new hats are all inspired by AiW: Cheshire Cat kitty hats, Queen of Hearts kitty hat, new Playing Card kitty hat (in progress) and upcoming: White Rabbit hat.
As you can see in the picture I already purchased some pink and purple mohair for a Cheshire Cat Scarf. =^x^=