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Do NOT press the great big threatening button!

Yesterday I came across a fascinating art installation at the Aalmarkt in Leiden:

A big red threatening button, montaged outside a former shop window, and above it a big sign saying: DO NOT PRESS!
In the shop window there was a siren, a monitor, and much display of possible bells and whistles.

So, what does one do when seeing a great big threatening button...

(From: Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion)

I pressed the button, anticipating a lot of noise, lights and movement.
But what happened was... nothing at all! :(

Unfortunately there was not a name of an artist on the installation.
Because now I am curious about his or her intentions.
Was it on purpose that nothing happened, was it all about the moment of anticipation?
Or did the neighbours complain? Perhaps dysfunctional due to the snow and ice?

And how many passers-by did press the button despite (or because!) there were so many warning signs?
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Anyway: here are to 2 tv advertisements where people W…

Geometric storage from Babongo: Adonde Ico

Now there was a Share & Like on facebook I liked to take part in:
To win one of two Adonde Ico geometric storage baskets, made of recycled cardboard at Babongo on facebook .

And I did win one, how about that! :)

The basket arrived flat packed yesterday.
See the cool wrapping paper? It's from Wrap magazine (also available at Babongo): a magazine of which the illustrations can be used as poster or wrapping paper.

Today I had time to assemble my basket. I choose for the light blueish green/turquoise version, but it also comes in dark blue, yellow and orange.

The instructions are very clear, and the result is a lovely storage for all these little things that lay scattered on your work space.

I love the retro yet modern look of it.
If you want to order one for yourself, you can go to Babongo.

Pop Art in Europe / Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen

Today I had a perfect day in Nijmegen. I went there with my friend to visit the exhibition Pop Art In Europe at Museum Het Valkhof. The exhibition goes into its last weekend, if you still want to see it!
= outside the museum =
 = some urban knitting going on =
The exhibition was really impressive and divers.
Artists that stood out for me were:

* Shinkichi Tajiri: I loved his machine sculptures. There is also a photo exhibit in the museum (which is on till Februari 3rd).

 * Pauline Boty: Her work "My Colouring Book" had the deepest emotional impact that day. 
The words on the artwork are:
These are the eyes that watched him as he walked away
Colour them grey
This is the heart that thought he would always be true
Colour it blue
These are the arms that held him and touched him, lost him somehow
Colour them empty now
These are the beads I wore until she came between
Colour them green
This is the room that I sleep in and walk in and weep in and hide in, that nobody sees 
Colour it lonely, …

Happy New Year!