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Mad hatters (2)

Mad hatters, but this time with an Alice In Wonderland-theme.
We have of course the Cheshire Cat, from my own shop, Miss Minoes.
The Mad Hatter, this one by GypsyLadyHats is very much in line with the Burtonesque one. Best order them now, to avoid the halloween rush!
No Alice without a red queen of hearts. Organic red tophat by Moooi.
And then: tea time! I couldn't choose between the gorgeous striped one of littlemisscrow or the cute tiny felt tea cup of thependragonseye.

Mad hatters (1)

There is really not an excuse not to wear a hat: winter or summer, party or work: there is some head wear for every occasion. A hat does put the finishing tough to an outfit, but of course you must feel comfortable and selfconfident enough to wear it. But here comes the magic of the hat: it actually does give your selfconfidence an extra boost. Here are a couple of hats by some (mad) hatters on Etsy that would brighten up the street in every day live:



Bonnet Bonanza!

I've improved the first bonnet design to a reversible version. Now you can wear it in 4 different ways: Inside out, back to front, all the way around! =^x^= Here are the 3 so far with pointy flaps. I'll make some more with the more 'modest' round flaps.
Summer Hats by Miss Minoes I actually made 4, but one I kept for myself. I wore it in Vondelpark in Amsterdam last week and got some great responses. An American woman even approached me to ask where I got it. How nice is that?