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Let them WEAR cake!

A couple of years ago (back in the days when I was selling on Ebay) I've made quite some custom order cupcake toddler hats. Thanks to the statistics of Google Analatics, I've found out that the one cupcake hat I had listed actually attracts some visitors to my shop on Etsy (

And here is the result: don't they look yummie?

Only for the sweetest toddlers!I can make them in adult sizes too, upon request.

The Shop Assistant

Really, if words would leave my mouth like trained butterflies forming breathtaking frases, if my sentences would flow like Shakespearian sonnets, yet be packed with essential information, soft compassion and a clever pun to lighten it up.... I would not be working as a shop assisitant, now would I? "

So when I was explaining to the lady the footbath salt worked "basically with two effective ingredients, the salt and the herbs....", she snobbed me for the adverb. "Basically?", she interupted me in a high pitched voice, "basically?...I don't buy anything for basically." She stuck her nose in the air and marched out of the shop. At first I was both flabbergasted and hurt by such rude behaviour.
Then it occurred to me she might need to stick her nose in the air even a bit higher. After all, she still had no solution for her smelly sweaty feet problem....

Girrrlz DO like powertools:

Need I say more? =^x^=

Catnip Toys - A Pair Of Blue Eyes

I don't have a seperate working area for my creative outbursts. And usually my cats are very relaxed and ignoring the balls of yarn, crochet and knitting needles etcetera.
Of course this laidback creative process gets brutally disrupted when trying to make a new load of catniptoys. Allthough slowly falling apart, the 2 toys I made for them 1.5 year ago are still played with on a daily basis by Charlie, and occasionally by Droppie. So they don't need a new one. Well, that's what I think. But the ladies have a different opinion. Charlie keeps tracking down where I hide the plastic bag with catnip, so I have to move it every 2 minutes to keep ahead of her. Droppie on the other hand tries to get hold of the half finished product and keeps sniffing my hand while I'm crocheting. =^x^=
Still, I managed to finish some: A Pair of Blue Eyes

This is not a kitty hat!

This is not a kitty hat: it is a bunny hat!

A new creation for all the rabbit and hare lovers.

And just in time for easter. I'll package it with a pompom, which can double as a bunny tail. =^x^=