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A cat, a heater and the planet.

As a cat you won't get 18 without getting a little streetwise.

In human years Droppie would be in her 80s now, so you can imagine her expecting to be treated as such.
Two years ago her health was getting worse due to kidney problems and she started to lose a lot of weigth. We tried to make her as comfortable as possible. However in wintertime our livingroom can be a bit chilly. My boyfriend and I usually put on an extra sweater, and personally I love a comfy blanket. Neither of us like the stuffiness and warmth of the air when the heater is on, so we save that for the really cold days.
But a blanket wasn't enough for her royal highness Droppie. She would sit on the sofa, meow loudly while staring at the switch for the heater (I told you she is smart).
And as we did feel sorry for her feeling so poorly we often gave in.

I wasn't happy with the situation though. For one it made our energy bill more expensive, and more importantly I hate wasting energy.
Droppie did try helping us f…

Cotton&Cloud + Stormy weather

The lovely Kyoko (Cotton&Cloud) has featured Charlie and Droppie in the Furry Fridays post on her blog: It was a lot of fun to answer the questionaire.
Please do check out her website too, it's been restyled and looks really good.
* * * * * Storm: Open air booths are no fun when it's stormy. We were very unlucky with the weather on the Open Day at the animal shelter. The rain and wind made me run after my merchandise a couple of times, and kept away visitors (a festival in the city centre did not help us either) . But I managed to get some sales, and saw a very happy little girl shine with her new kitty hat. So it was worth it anyways.
On the bright side: I'll have a lot of new hats to add to my shop now. Tomorrow will be photoshooting time and adding new listings.
Impression from the booth:
My view: