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Sunday inspiration: designer Piet Hein Eek speaks

I couldn't attend Hello Etsy this year.
But thanks to the livestream on Etsy I could watch the speakers today.

Take a look at this inspiring talk by designer Piet Hein Eek:
If you want to function well, be like a fish in the water.

Watch live streaming video from etsy at

Manos del Uruguay

Now that winteris approaching, it is time again for(fingerless)gloves. At the moment I'm workingwith SilkBlendYarnby Manosdel Uruguay. Not only isthe materialvery softto work with(30% Silk / 70% Merino ExtrafineWool). The storybehind theSilkBlend makesit extra worthwhile.

Manos del Uruguay(Hands of Uruguay) is a cooperative of400 womenthroughoutthe countrysideof Uruguay. Theyare spinningand dyeingwoolfrom Uruguay. Thewool ishand dyedin large kettles(Kettle Dyed). Manos delUruguay is aFair Tradeorganization: they focusonthe eradication of povertythrough sustainabledevelopment. The projectalso consists ofhandknitted andwovenproducts, asponchos.

TheSilkBlendlends itselfwell forfingerlessglovesbecause the material iswarm, soft andbreathes well. Perfect for this kind ofgloves that you wear during activitiesliketyping onthecomputer, texting, knitting, photographingin coldareas.
There are 2 sizes and I already listed some of the different colours in my Etsy shop.

I bought my yarn at a quir…

Open day at the animal shelter 2012

Today was abeautiful day(after a rainymorning)forthe OpenDayofthe animal shelterin Leiden:Stevenshage.

Many animalshavefound a new hometoday!=^x^=

Other highlights:the alwaysdeliciouspancakes,beautiful face paint and I sawmanyballoon animals pass by.

I raised a nice amount for the animal shelter (107euros)and got a chance to promoteMissMinoes​​.

Photo ofthe Day:

Pet lovers: 40% discount on Oct 4th!

I created a Coupon Code for my kitty hats Etsy shop Miss Minoes:

And I will be having a booth at the fund-raiser fair / Open Day at Leiden Animal Shelter "Stevenshage" on Saturday October 6th from 11:00 till 16:00. All proceeds form that day will go to the shelter.