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Etsy Leiden Craft Party - Presenting the Workshops!

Here are the 3 workshops we will be doing at the #craftparty in Leiden!
You can register for free through Eventbrite.

Workshop 1: Landscape Book

Workshop 2: Origami Dress and Sakura

Workshop 3: Geometric shapes

Japanese Joy (I won a surprise package!)

At Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden there is a very special exhibition about the Geisha culture in Kyoto (these Geisha's in Kyoto are called Geiko's).
There was so much to see I had to go twice (luckily I have a Museum card that gives free entrance to a lot of Dutch museums.)
The Geisha exhibit is only on till Monday May 25th, so if you are in the neighbourhood do go and visit!

Last week there was a contest on the Facebook page of the museum and I won a surprise package!

The package contained 2 fans, a pair of miniature geta (shoes), a gorgeous calender with vintage Japanese photo's and a 'Noren': a decorative curtain to keep out sun and dust. The envelope with the lady turned out to contain the cutest little gift bags. Lucky me :-) 
Here is a photo impression of the Museum Volkenkunde.

Two more Japan related tips for the coming week: Sunday 24th May: Japanmarkt, Leiden and until Sunday 31st May: Zijden Pracht in Sieboldhuis (Silk Kimono's from the Kubota Collection…

Etsy Craft Party 2015: Leiden edition!

It is Etsy #CraftParty time again! For the first time this year we are hosting a Craft Party in our very own home town of Leiden!

Two years ago I had attended a party in Amsterdam hosted by the Ka-Ching Collectief and had enjoyed myself very much.
With our growing and active Leiden team we decided to join in with this annual event.

During the Etsy Craft Party people are organizing creative events worldwide!
Find out if there is a party in your neighbourhood here.

The theme for 2015 is: "Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape".

We have translated the theme in 3 small workshops which we are currently preparing.
1: Making a landscape booklet
2: Using discarded books as material
3: 3D folding

Go and check our inspiration board on Pinterest. We found some great projects, albeit some way too ambitious for one afternoon.
We are taking into account that a lot of non-Dutch speaking people are also very fond of crafting so we are prepared on giving instructions in English.

Check out t…

Sew Along - Worlds End Drape Shirt - part 3 - Finished!