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Although 2 seperate events both evenings this weekend I saw a literature-meets-music performance.
The first one on Friday evening was the 20th anniversary tour of De Kift. This Dutch band combines punk, brass band, scraping chorus singing with lyrics from literature. Often lyrics will go about lost loves, lost lives, despair and be filled with melancholy. Every song is a pearl.
You can get an impression on their MySpace page.

Eventhough the Crossing Border festival was sold out this weekend there were too many people who missed the show of Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto : a performance based upon the medieval novel "The Ship of Fools" by Sebastian Brant (1458).
The performance was a strong combination of electronic music, traditional music, video performance. The themes reffered to essential human issues which are of all times, quite similar to the issues of seven deadly sins. But then presented with a contemporary vision. Ve…