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Kittyhat pattern

For "Kattenmutsen voor Japan"(=Kittyhats for Japan) we are hoping to collect a lot of kittyhats.
For a kitty hat pattern in English I will direct you to the godmother of all kitty hats:

Here's the hat I made. I added  the cross stitch heart for the Japan relief theme.

You can also make a fair isle knit pattern. In this case you will add 4 stitches after the seed stitch border divided over the whole round. So you will have 88 stitches before you start the pattern. After the pattern you will knit 2 together for 4 times to get 84 again.

Tomorrow I will add more free kitty hat patterns. I will also post one that is on regular knitting needles and more suitable for the beginning knitter.

Enjoy knitting!

Knit For Japan

Thanks to Yumiko Kunimori for introducing me to KNIT FOR JAPAN.

Nearly a year after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami a woolly hug is still very welcome and help is still needed.

“Knit for Japan” is an initiative by Bernd Kestler to collect and distribute hand-knitted/ crocheted items, yarn and knitting/ crochet tools to victims of the Tohoku earthquake.
Knit/ Crochet items: Every stitch can make a difference. Take out your needles or crochet hook and start to cast-on for a woolly hat, pair of socks, a scarf or some gloves.Yarn and tools: From your stock of yarn send a couple of skeins together with needles or crochet hook. Many people at a shelter have not much to do during the day. Knitting can help to relieve some stress, increase motivation and produce something useful. Non-knitters might learn a new skill. You can send the crochet/knit items or supplies directly to Bernd Kestler in Japan, preferably by airmail.

I am currently collecting for sending a parcel of handmade go…