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Fun idea: get creative with your holiday snaps

When on vacation in beautiful Florence (Italy) last week, I was inspired of sharing the holiday snaps in a fun way with my friends through Instagram and Facebook.

The photos were tied together creatively by making a series of drawings and then cutting out the main shape. That way the background would become the pattern of the drawing. The cat theme popped up because we knew we were going to adopt 2 cats the day after we'd come back from Florence. =^x^=

Unprepared as I was, we had to go paper shopping on our first day for some more sturdy paper. The 80grams I had with me was wind swept to easy.

As one of the IG-comments suggests: it is also a very nice activity to do with children on vacation. Are you inspired? Share a link to your creative paper cutting holiday snaps in the comments section!
#catwithaview from the Boboli Gardens. Een foto die is geplaatst door Ama (@missminoes) op 17 Jul 2015 om 4:55 PDT
Not a cloud in the sky. Een foto die is geplaatst door Ama (@missminoes) op …