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Crochet cozies

Summer is seriously on its way.
So it is about time I listed my new line of crochet cozies.

I made some fun looking bottle carriers with bow ties.
When your shopping, travelling or taking a walk with your dog it isn't always handy to carry around a big bag just for having some water at hand.
Now you can sling your water bottle over your shoulder and have both hands free ( for instance for taking photographs).

And you can also use these to gift wrap a bottle of wine in style!

In similar colours I crocheted some gadget cozies.
I found these funky buttons in a little crafty shop in Kingly Court (next to Carnaby Street, London).

ETSY shop in the spotlight:Cattoo


The nature of many domestic cats is perfectly (or should I say purrrfectly?) captured by UK artist Helen Dalgairns.
The print "Her Majesty's Mattresses" is definitely in the top of my favourite listings. I can just picture it on the living room wall. So it won't be to long before I actually buy it =^x^=

The content expression on the cats face, the tiny crown and the use of colours and patterns just light up my heart every time I see it. The cat in the print reminds me of my cat Charlie who often sleeps on a pillow on top of the wardrobe.
(I did just wake her up by taking this photo, as you can see by the sleepy face):

Helen also sells greeting cards in her shop, so you can make that catloving friend of yours also happy.

Cattoo's etsy shop
Cattoo's website

Thanks for your donations! (EFA animal ambulance April Charity of the month)

Dearest EFA members,
thank you all so much for your donations for the Animal Ambulance in Alphen a/d Rijn.
You're stars!
So far the amount raised is $45.50, but I heared some of you were still finishing your paperwork on Aprils financials, so there might be a little added.

I will double the amount raised.
This makes the total donation by EFA artists to the Animal Ambulance is $ 91.00 ( €70.20 ).

EFA treasury  :