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Sorrow - On losing Bowie

"Usually I am not that affected by a celebrity's death" is a phrase that came up in some responses to David Bowie passing away.
When it hit the news on Monday, it left me lost for words for a while as well.
As one does nowadays it is comforting to have so many friends so close at hand through social media and to share our emotions. And my mum and brother send me text-massages, so sweet.
It became evident that for a lot of people this was also so much more than a famous person dying.

There have been other singers that truly touched my heart who've passed away. And usually I thought "ah, that is very sad" and played some songs. But this time it was different.

For family and friends a death leaves a giant hole. No more moments to talk with someone, to hold someone.
But why are we so affected by losing someone we never even met in real life?

Since the release of The Next Day and seeing the "David Bowie Is" exhibit in London Bowie had been more in the …