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Breien! in Fries Museum - Knitting! Exhibition

Four knitters on a train. All the way up north to Leeuwarden.
The exhibition Breien! / Knitting! in the Fries Museum is all about knitting.

Finally I could see my Flamingo hat among the other 14 nominees for the Animal Hat contest 'Beestenboel'. It's really fun to see how each knitter has a different approach to the animal hat theme!

In the same room as the 'hat-tree' there were little boxes with miniature knits about the history of knitting.

We really enjoyed our museum tour. There was work from knitters we were familiar with and new discoveries.

Westknits shawls at @friesmuseum . I wore my own #dottedrays 😊 @westknits #breien #friesmuseum #museum #knitting #exhibit #leeuwarden #shawl #westknits #westknitsshawl #knit Een foto die is geplaatst door Ama (@missminoes) op 21 Mei 2016 om 11:40 PDT
Nice surprise was there were knitting patterns available. For instance of the skirt in the top right picture below. If you understand Dutch: the patterns are also on the Fr…