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Yarn shops are dangerous

Yarn shops are dangerous!
At least for people like me. =^x^=

There they are, all cropped together on the shelfs in the stores cupboard. Their wee voices calling and luring me. ("Take me home. I am so super soft. Oh look at my colours. Feel my texture.")
I wish I could take them all home! But alas my budget forbids me.

For a couple of custom orders I needed yarn in colours I do not have on stock. So this week I had to go to both yarn shops in town.
So it was Ribbels on Saturday. I could just stare at their wall of yarn all afternoon.
And 'n Steekje Los today, where I bought these sockyarns for a custom order dog sweater:

I wonder which yarn she'll choose!
Both shops are very lovely, because the women working there really know their business.
In general I would say Ribbels got the bigger assortiment. And would maybe appeal more to the advantaged knitter.
But  'n Steekje Los has more convenient opening times. And might appeal more to the beginning knitter.
And I am…

My day at the SUNDAY MARKET in Amsterdam, 3 oct 2010

Yesterday was my first time attending the Sunday market as a seller.

The splashing sunshine wasn't the only surprise that day.

When boarding the bus that was to take me from the railway station to the fairground, I found myself surrounded by about fifty spotty teenage boys. As it turned out there was a computer game event in the neighbouring Westergas Fabriek.

Then there was a bear on a bike. Zsuzsa of ZsBcreations was quick enough to make a picture of it:

Zsuzsanne is demonstrating this sundays work out: to beat the wind in messing up your booth. It was fun to share (or "gezellig" as we say in Dutch).
Booths from left to right: MissMinoes, ZsBcreations, Pinipiru, Swiedebie, ThongbaiTatong

Small impression of my booth:

***********Next Sunday Market: November 7th 2010***********

You're welcome. Visit me & my booth at the SUNDAY MARKET Oct 3rd

Sunday October 3rd in Amsterdam.
You are welcome to my booth on the Sunday Market. An opportunity to actually fit and try a Miss Minoes hat, before buying. I'm also bringing the new Eco-cotton Baby Collection!