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2 Breakfast Shake Recipe: Detox with Barley Grass + Soy Protein Shake

Nowadays I usually start the day with either of these 2 shakes.

The Barley Grass Detox Breakfast Shake is a detoxing shake to start the day freshly.
I usually take these on my work-at-home days or weekend.
The Soy Protein Soy Shake is my energy shake, to get ready for a more physically demanding day at work.

Barley Grass Detox Breakfast Shake:
200 ml Coconut water
1 banana
1 tablespoon barley grass powder
1 tablespoon oat bran
1 teaspoon maca powder
10 drops Vitamin D oil
Extra fruit for taste variation: strawberries, blackberries, melon, pineapple.

All in the Magic Bullet blender...& breakfast is served!

You can also use wheat grass in stead of barley grass. Personally I find wheat grass to have a more earthier taste, barley grass has a softer taste and is less dominant.

Soy Protein Energy Shake:
200 ml soy milk (unsweetened)
1 banana
2 tablespoon (approx 25 gram) soy protein powder (unsweetened)
1 tablespoon milled flaxseed (my favourite is Linwoods with Q10 and nuts…

How to wear your wire headband.

In my revamped Etsy shop AllFairness (previously called BonnetsByMissMinoes) I've added a fun new product: Wire Headbands.

Although these headbands are already very popular in the US and Britain, they are still fairly new to the Netherlands.They are a prefect accessory for the trendy 1940s 1950s retro fashion of this season.

The wire headbands that I sell are handmade by me, from either GOTS certified organic cotton, or vintage fabric from the 60s/70s/80s.

What makes the wire headband so fabulous is you can wear it in so many different ways.

I know there are already English YouTube videos around, but I thought it be nice to make one in Dutch, to show the different styling options.The sound is very soft though, as I filmed it with my compact camera. So you might have to switch the volume to 11.

This is the first video I ever made...
(For Big Bang Theory fans: I had to think about Sheldon and Amy's flag instruction video.) ;-)

 Bunny Twist
    Little Bow