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Etsy find: Muddy Muse ceramic beads arrived!

Yeah, the ceramic beads I ordered at Muddy Muse on Etsy arrived.

I am very excited about using the leave shapes on the organic summer hats I'm making. Can't wait to use them!

Aren't they gorgeous?

The Making Of ...Sound And Vision Barbie


This is my entry for the design contest by the Groninger Museum. The contest was to design a dress for Barbie, that was inspired by either Iris van Herpen or Azzedine Alaïa. Work of both designers is shown in the Groninger Museum at this moment.

My main inspiration was the collection Synestesia (2010) by Iris van Herpen which focusses on mixing the senses. While I was getting inspired by those designs David Bowie was singing in my head, blue, electric blue...: "Sound And Vision".

I used the cassette tape in 3 manners:
1: I wove the bodice. It took about 20 efforts before that worked: the tape kept breaking.
2: Controlled chaos for the shoulder piece.
3: Laminated tape for head piece and hip piece.
Invisible detail: one of the tapes used contained the Singles Collection of Bowie.

 Shoulder object: Fan guard (thanks to my boyfriends computer supply box)

 Shoes: safety pin & tiewrap.

 And finally: glowsticks!