Catnip Toys - A Pair Of Blue Eyes

I don't have a seperate working area for my creative outbursts. And usually my cats are very relaxed and ignoring the balls of yarn, crochet and knitting needles etcetera.
Of course this laidback creative process gets brutally disrupted when trying to make a new load of catniptoys.
Allthough slowly falling apart, the 2 toys I made for them 1.5 year ago are still played with on a daily basis by Charlie, and occasionally by Droppie. So they don't need a new one. Well, that's what I think.
But the ladies have a different opinion. Charlie keeps tracking down where I hide the plastic bag with catnip, so I have to move it every 2 minutes to keep ahead of her.
Droppie on the other hand tries to get hold of the half finished product and keeps sniffing my hand while I'm crocheting.
Still, I managed to finish some:

A Pair of Blue Eyes


Annette F. Tait said…
those eyes are fantastic!

very appealing indeed - and even more so if you are a cat!

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