Mad hatters (1)

There is really not an excuse not to wear a hat: winter or summer, party or work: there is some head wear for every occasion. A hat does put the finishing tough to an outfit, but of course you must feel comfortable and selfconfident enough to wear it.
But here comes the magic of the hat: it actually does give your selfconfidence an extra boost.
Here are a couple of hats by some (mad) hatters on Etsy that would brighten up the street in every day live:






stina said…
thank you SOOOO much for including one of my berets (getluckydesings) in your hat post! it makes me so happy to hear that you like my work! it's a really nice little collection of hats you've found. :)

take care, and thank you again! /Stina
l'actrice said…
I totally agree Ama. I have so much fun wearing hats. I love to see a brownbunnybyiris hat in your excellent blog! Congratulations to your great collection.

Have a wonderful week, Iris

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