I love challenges!

I love crafty contests. They challenge me to think out of the box and try new things.

In a Dutch magazine Handwerken Zonder Grenzen there is a contest to make a design for a yarn called Hoooked zpagetti. This yarn is a tube of jersey made of rest materials from the fabric and fashion industries.

Since I didn't have the yarn at hand I made my own version to get a material with similar properties. I cut up 2 t-shirts in two long bands of jersey yarn.

With this I knitted my design in dropped stitches on needles sz 10.

And here's the result: a "Stads-Kat" (="City-Kitty") It's a cozy for the small poles you find in a lot of Dutch towns. I did it in red and white because many cities, like my own, have those as their town-colours. And the candy stripe effect makes it an original decoration for the upcoming holidays!
If you do like it you can vote for it here !


Erna said…
I voted for you! what a great idea!

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