A cat, a heater and the planet.

As a cat you won't get 18 without getting a little streetwise.

In human years Droppie would be in her 80s now, so you can imagine her expecting to be treated as such.
Two years ago her health was getting worse due to kidney problems and she started to lose a lot of weigth. We tried to make her as comfortable as possible. However in wintertime our livingroom can be a bit chilly. My boyfriend and I usually put on an extra sweater, and personally I love a comfy blanket. Neither of us like the stuffiness and warmth of the air when the heater is on, so we save that for the really cold days.
But a blanket wasn't enough for her royal highness Droppie. She would sit on the sofa, meow loudly while staring at the switch for the heater (I told you she is smart).
And as we did feel sorry for her feeling so poorly we often gave in.

I wasn't happy with the situation though. For one it made our energy bill more expensive, and more importantly I hate wasting energy.
Droppie did try helping us find a solution. When the heating was of she would sleep on modems and other warm devices. I loved the brilliance of her idea: inventing a machine that collects waste heat from electronic devices, and re-use that to keep pets warm.
If there is anyone who could make that happen, they are welcome to use this idea!

In the meantime I did find a more environmental friendlier solution than heating the whole room: a rechargable bedwarmer. It's a hot bottle, but without hot water. It's safe for babies, so why not use it for a cat?
I took a chance of buying. Like most cats, she prefers to use things that were not specifically required for her. But here's the proof: she loves it!

More photo's.


Kyoko said…
AAAww, that is amazing!
Wata has a slightly poor kidney and eats Science Plan Kd (mixed with other things). So he never puts on weight, which makes me sad. I totally understand how you feel about Droppie. I am so happy to see that she likes the new heater! She looks so comfortable :D

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