My day at the SUNDAY MARKET in Amsterdam, 3 oct 2010

Yesterday was my first time attending the Sunday market as a seller.

The splashing sunshine wasn't the only surprise that day.

When boarding the bus that was to take me from the railway station to the fairground, I found myself surrounded by about fifty spotty teenage boys. As it turned out there was a computer game event in the neighbouring Westergas Fabriek.

Then there was a bear on a bike. Zsuzsa of ZsBcreations was quick enough to make a picture of it:


Zsuzsanne is demonstrating this sundays work out: to beat the wind in messing up your booth. It was fun to share (or "gezellig" as we say in Dutch).
Booths from left to right: MissMinoes, ZsBcreations, Pinipiru, Swiedebie, ThongbaiTatong

Small impression of my booth:

***********Next Sunday Market: November 7th 2010***********


karuski said…
A bear on bike, how great is that!

You had lots of color on your booths, nice. Hopefully sales were decent too:)
miss-minoes said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
miss-minoes said…
Sales were decent. I was very content.
I would have sold more knitted hats if it weren't for the sunshine =^x^=
Annette F Tait said…
it looks good Ama! and so many other people that you know, that's nice to have!
Anonymous said…
I did not see the bear on the bike on that day. Oh my, how could i miss that? :) Luckily for Zsuzsa to take it, wow! Am happy to see you enjoyed your day. I am sure the season is going to allow more your hats to be sold. Love your cupcake hat still!


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