Kittyhat pattern

For "Kattenmutsen voor Japan"(=Kittyhats for Japan) we are hoping to collect a lot of kittyhats.
For a kitty hat pattern in English I will direct you to the godmother of all kitty hats:

Here's the hat I made. I added  the cross stitch heart for the Japan relief theme.

You can also make a fair isle knit pattern. In this case you will add 4 stitches after the seed stitch border divided over the whole round. So you will have 88 stitches before you start the pattern. After the pattern you will knit 2 together for 4 times to get 84 again.

Tomorrow I will add more free kitty hat patterns. I will also post one that is on regular knitting needles and more suitable for the beginning knitter.

Enjoy knitting!


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