Manos del Uruguay

Now that winter is approaching, it is time again for (fingerless) gloves. At the moment I'm working with Silk Blend Yarn by Manos del Uruguay. Not only is the material very soft to work with(30% Silk / 70% Merino Extrafine Wool). The story behind the Silk Blend makes it extra worthwhile.

Manos del Uruguay (Hands of Uruguay) is a cooperative of 400 women throughout the countryside of Uruguay. They are spinning and dyeing wool from Uruguay. The wool is hand dyed in large kettles (Kettle Dyed). Manos del Uruguay is a Fair Trade organization: they focus on the eradication of poverty through sustainable development. The project also consists of hand knitted and woven products, as ponchos.

The Silk Blend lends itself well for fingerless gloves because the material is warm, soft and breathes well. Perfect for this kind of gloves that you wear during activities like typing on the computer, texting, knitting, photographing in cold areas.

There are 2 sizes and I already listed some of the different colours in my Etsy shop.

I bought my yarn at a quirky little shop called The Otherist situated at Leliegracht in Amsterdam. When you walk into The Otherist it feels like you are entering a miniature natural-historic museum.
(And if you happen to be at Leliegracht around diner time, than it is worth it to see if they have a table available at the restaurant Spanjer & van Twist.)

To find worldwide stockists of Manos de Uruguay products click here.


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