Sew Along - Worlds End Drape Shirt - part 3 - Finished!

Final part: I have been making the Vivienne Westwood Drape Shirt via a free pattern on the Worlds End Shop Blog.

Look here for part 1 & part 2. Once I had posted on Facebook some friends said they also wanted to make it, thus it became a sew-a-long.

After post 2 I did the buttons, button holes and pocket. But when the shirt was finished it was not yet quite what I had hoped for.
To tell the truth: when I put it on I felt like the missing 6th member of Duran Duran in the Seventh & the Ragged Tiger years. (...and I should know, but you will never see THAT photo until I might have an unfortunate drunkblogging mishap... )

It took a few days to figure out what was missing. I needed some unbalance added to the design. If you use a stripe or plaid that effect comes from the print of the fabric. With this small houndstooth it was kind of dull and more like the wrong side of the 1980s.

So made a second pocket using the selvage side to place angled over the original pocket.

The Lea Stein star brooch (from my All Fairness shop on Etsy) adds the finishing touch.

And then finally .... a silly photo shoot:


Looks great and suits you perfectly :)
miss-minoes said…
Dankjewel, Annemiek. 😀

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