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The nature of many domestic cats is perfectly (or should I say purrrfectly?) captured by UK artist Helen Dalgairns.
The print "Her Majesty's Mattresses" is definitely in the top of my favourite listings. I can just picture it on the living room wall. So it won't be to long before I actually buy it =^x^=

The content expression on the cats face, the tiny crown and the use of colours and patterns just light up my heart every time I see it. The cat in the print reminds me of my cat Charlie who often sleeps on a pillow on top of the wardrobe.
(I did just wake her up by taking this photo, as you can see by the sleepy face):

Helen also sells greeting cards in her shop, so you can make that catloving friend of yours also happy.

Cattoo's etsy shop
Cattoo's website


Annette F Tait said…
It's a lovely print Ama! and isn't Charlie so adorable with her sleepy face!
(did she get a treat for that? :)
Life of Cattoo said…
Oh my, why thank you Ama :-) I feeled very honoured to be mentioned on such a wonderful blog as yours.

Charlie your cat is adorable and i think your creations, such as your knitted cat hats are awesome. I will be keeping an eye on your shop also.

Thanks again



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