Do NOT press the great big threatening button!

Yesterday I came across a fascinating art installation at the Aalmarkt in Leiden:

A big red threatening button, montaged outside a former shop window, and above it a big sign saying: DO NOT PRESS!
In the shop window there was a siren, a monitor, and much display of possible bells and whistles.

So, what does one do when seeing a great big threatening button...

(From: Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion)

I pressed the button, anticipating a lot of noise, lights and movement.
But what happened was... nothing at all! :(

Unfortunately there was not a name of an artist on the installation.
Because now I am curious about his or her intentions.
Was it on purpose that nothing happened, was it all about the moment of anticipation?
Or did the neighbours complain? Perhaps dysfunctional due to the snow and ice?

And how many passers-by did press the button despite (or because!) there were so many warning signs?
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Anyway: here are to 2 tv advertisements where people WERE invited to press the button:




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