Pop Art in Europe / Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen

Today I had a perfect day in Nijmegen. I went there with my friend to visit the exhibition Pop Art In Europe at Museum Het Valkhof. The exhibition goes into its last weekend, if you still want to see it!
= outside the museum =

 = some urban knitting going on =

The exhibition was really impressive and divers.
Artists that stood out for me were:

* Shinkichi Tajiri: I loved his machine sculptures. There is also a photo exhibit in the museum (which is on till Februari 3rd).

 * Pauline Boty: Her work "My Colouring Book" had the deepest emotional impact that day. 

The words on the artwork are:
These are the eyes that watched him as he walked away 
Colour them grey
This is the heart that thought he would always be true  
Colour it blue
These are the arms that held him and touched him, lost him somehow  
Colour them empty now
These are the beads I wore until she came between 
Colour them green
This is the room that I sleep in and walk in and weep in and hide in, that nobody sees 
Colour it lonely, please 
This is the boy, the one I depended upon 
Colour him gone

* Evelyne Axell: The transparency layers of her paintings on plexiglas had a very interesting effect.

After the museum we had a most wonderful lunch at Smaakrijk. (You know you are at a good lunchroom if you can grind your own pepper & if the tea they serve is Dilmah). And yes, I did have the carrot cake!

We spend the rest of the afternoon visiting a lot of small amazing shops. There are still so many specialized shops in Nijmegen, really refreshing from all the big chain stores (for instance go to Lange Hezelstraat or Van Welderenstraat).

It was a lovely day. We'll be back!


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