How to wear your wire headband.

In my revamped Etsy shop AllFairness (previously called BonnetsByMissMinoes) I've added a fun new product: Wire Headbands.

Although these headbands are already very popular in the US and Britain, they are still fairly new to the Netherlands.They are a prefect accessory for the trendy 1940s 1950s retro fashion of this season.

The wire headbands that I sell are handmade by me, from either GOTS certified organic cotton, or vintage fabric from the 60s/70s/80s.

What makes the wire headband so fabulous is you can wear it in so many different ways.

I know there are already English YouTube videos around, but I thought it be nice to make one in Dutch, to show the different styling options.The sound is very soft though, as I filmed it with my compact camera. So you might have to switch the volume to 11.

This is the first video I ever made...
(For Big Bang Theory fans: I had to think about Sheldon and Amy's flag instruction video.) ;-)

 Bunny Twist


    Little Bow




Babette said…
wow Ama wat leuk dat filmpje bij de Dolly Bow's! Wel jammer dat je nogal zacht praat (of het geluid niet goed wordt opgenomen) want ik hoor je nauwelijks.
(btw je haar zit daar echt super gaaf!!!)

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