Sew Along - Worlds End Drape Shirt - part 1

After coming across a post about Vivienne Westwood's Reading List I was browsing around on the WORLDS END SHOP blog and found an interesting free Do It Yourself pattern of the Drape Shirt. Enthusiastic I shared the link to Facebook friends. And now some friends are going to make it as well.

Do you want to join in?

Here's the link to the pattern:

The pattern comes in 3 sizes (small/medium/large). The PDF has to be printed out on A4 papers. For size large it was 43 pages.
Very important: do not mess up to order of the papers or you're screwed!

Clear a floor space of 2x2 meter minimum.

Start in the top left corner. Lay the first printed page down. Place the second under it. Continue till page 5. Then cut page 6. The lowest half of page 6 fits on the right side of page 1. See photo's:

The arrows show where to connect the pages. Then crawl on all fours for half an hour with cellotape taping all the pieces together.
Once I had this "mother pattern" ready I traced it over with thinner tracing paper to keep it workable.

Next was picking the fabric. The pattern calls for ripped edges. I also knew I would like the yoke to be in a different - bolder - fabric than the rest of the shirt. Being a big fan of the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania collection a tartan seemed to be appropriate. The other tiny houndstooth fabric was also in my stock.

If you do the whole shirt in the same fabric you can probably manage with 1.60 m long (at 1.50 wide).
The main pattern panel seemed a few centimetres wider than 1.50, but I don't foresee a problem there.
[Edit 1 : it turned out to be a bit tight for a big busted girl like me. It still fits, but the drape would fall nicer with more fabric.]

So, at the end of this first post about the Drape Shirt the pattern pieces have been cut in fabric. *
[Edit 2: you'll also need 2 strips of fabric(3 cm wide, 45-50 cm long) for the sleeve insertion.]
I've sewn the top and bottom edge of the tartan yoke shoulder panel. Turned it inside out. Pressed the seams. (Something I never did when starting sewing, but it makes such a difference on the final quality of your creation.) Topstitched seams at the top and bottom.

Next blogpost: PART 2 : The sleeves and finishing touches of the Drape Shirt.

Are you sewing along? Or did you ever make this DIY shirt? 
Let me know in the comments section! =^x^=


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