Wishlist - Red Poppies, Emerald Sunset

Since we moved to our new home 5 years ago, I am on the lookout for a smashing piece of original art.

Although I still have some reservations of buying a work of art via the internet (spending a reasonable amount of money I DO want to 'feel' it in real life), one of the works of art in consideration is this one by Luiza Vizoli.

I love the contrasts in it: between the metallic green and bright red. The cubist background vs the round petals.
Poppies are my favourite flowers anyway.

Luiza Vizoli's shop on Etsy:


Lola Lynn said…
I like the item on your wish list. Its beautiful. I also like the name of your blog. I started my blog, "Lynn's Musings and Mumblings", basically to keep an online journal of my "etsy/EFA life". I need a better name. "....Musings and Mumblings" is not all that original. Will stop by again to see what you're up to.

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