Arabella arrived safely in Holland

After her worldwide journey (from Scotland to the US, then back across the ocean to the Netherlands) Arabella "Blue Star, White Star" could be picked up by me, her winner, at the postoffice.
The raffle I won her in was for the Buckeye House Rabbit Society: for more information on this animal charity.
She looks stunning, and I am sure she would love to accompany me to the Animal Shelter 50th anniversary party. It's a good thing Annette of Dragon House Of Yuen packed some businesscards in the bag, I'll surely be needing them.

Arabella Bag: DragonHouseOfYuen
Firebird Necklace: Saskia Vorkink


Annette F. Tait said…
Arabella looks relieved that her plane trip is over! and enjoying some sunshine with you Ama!

thanks for supporting the rabbits - and for the amazing work you are doing with your local rescue!

kind regards,

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