Featured on EFA Artists Helping Animals Blog

Today my entry for the EFA April challenge is featured on the blog. The theme of this monthly challenge was "Hop into spring". I entered my bunny hat for this theme.

The bunny hat is at the moment still for sale in my old shop ("makemesmile").
My new shop is MissMinoes.etsy.com .

EFA = Etsy For Animals
This is a team of artists supporting animal charity.

EFA website is here.

My bunny hat entrie is here. But DO check out the other entries as well when you are on the blog. There is such great diversity and creativity. It is always fun to see how various artists approach a theme in such different ways.

It is extra fab to be featured because today is my birthday!


Annette F. Tait said…
Happy Birthday Ama!!!

Arabella came just in time then :)

have a lovely day - and night!

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