Gig review: Mala Vita

Where: LVC, Leiden, The Netherlands
When: Friday April 24th 2009
Band: Mala Vita

Mala Vita is Balkan Ska Pop meets Rage Against the Machine meets Rumba Gypsy Rock (with a splash of reggea). The lyrics are mostly Italian but also Spanish, French and English. It is music and lyrics for the true global citizen. Borders only create exiles, a means to shut people out from a place that once was their home. If that place even still exist. A lot of the songs the band played tonight are from the new (third) album En Exilio.
I do not speak Italian, nor Spanish or French, but the power of Mala Vita is in the international language of music. It makes you feel the emotions, the protest and the wish to live and be heared. It makes you want to shout (and jump..., but more about that later).

The roots of the bandmembers are in Bosnia, Serbia, The Netherlands and Italy. On the current tour they got a enthousiastic following. Actually the frontman Mikhael is as cute as a button, if I'd been 25 years younger I also might be swooning like these neat & sweet looking girls. Right from the first song the girls pogo-ed and jumped around in the mosh pit. In the most neat and friendliest way possible. Halfway the concert the tougher punk crowd took over the pit. But by that time the whole venue was jumping up and down. After a hard days work my boyfriend and I didn't really have the stamina to join in, but we fake-jumped pretty convincing. (Bending knees and raising up).

Because of the musical rainbow of international influences Mala Vita will interest a wide audience, but with keeping a strong identity of their own.

I certainly had a fantastic night out!


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