Getting inspired: Audax Textielmuseum Tilburg

Often fellow crafters/artisans ask in the forums what to do when you have a creative block.
One of the advices that is given is: clear your mind, get outside, take a long walk. And it is true. That can get you focused again.

But what if that's not enough? Another advice sometimes is: go to a museum. For me, if I'm stuck creatively, that usually has an opposite effect. I see all that great artwork. And back come the regrets of not choosing the art academy when I was younger. I see works I could never ever have the skills to create myself, or worse: I see things I could have made technically and ask: "Why didn't I think of that?".

So it depends on the kind of museum you choose. Today I went to Audax Textielmuseum Tilburg And that is a great way to get inspiration. There are so many techniques and materials on display that my mind went into 'creative upload mode' from the moment I stepped in.

My favourite hall was the Textiellab: big noisy weaving machines are providing a constant beat to rise your energy level. There are knitting machines, laser machines, 'tuften', dying, lots of yarns and lots of fibers everywhere. The machines are available for hire to artist, students etc. You can't take photo's in the museum, but these I took from their press release to give you an impression:

Also interesting was the KNITTED WORLDS exposition (blog in english) :

My creative juices got a great boost!


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