Interview with me by Annette (Dragon House Of Yuen)

The lovely Annette of Dragon House Of Yuen interviewed me for her blog.
You might remember her of an earlier post, when I won one of her Arabella bags.

She's a real star, I love how she weaved in the photo's of the rescue animals waiting at the animal shelter Stevenshage for a new home now.

Her questions really challenged me to describe the artistic development as well as the animal charity goal of my project. About the latter I am used to talk, but my creative side is less structured and outlined in my head. So it was a real pleasure to talk to Annette.

The whole interview can be found HERE.


Annette F. Tait said…
Ama thank you! - it was a delight to interview you - you made some poignant points - I learnt a few things!

I love your art - so very talented and full of personality and combined with your ethics - it is a real Winner!!

Stevenshage are lucky to have you, as are all the animals there - they are in my thoughts! If only there wasn't a Channel separating us - I would be over looking at the 4 rabbits!

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