My day at the SUNDAY MARKET in Amsterdam

Not scared off by all doom and gloom weather reports, a lot of people visited the Sunday Market in Amsterdam today. I was one of them.
One of the reasons was: it being an opportunity of saying hello to all the Etsy sellers who had a booth. 

The other reason was that in autumn I would like to take my knitwear to a crafty / handmade market, so I am doing some field research.

The atmosphere on the Sunday market is relaxed and friendly. I liked the variation of crafts represented. There is something for everyone and on top of that delicious food available.

You can find a pic of some of my purchases here.
*The earrings are from Fleurfatale.-- [similar earrings from her shop]
*On my way to the market it was my first time to travel with the OV Chip card (a public transport card) and I realised it was not convenient to put it in my wallet in my bag everytime I boarded or left a bus/train.
Luckily I found my solution in the metro card holder at the booth of Spectacle a la Maison.

Some impressions of the booths:

from left to right: KrapLap and  Vadjutka and ThongBaiTatong

And a lot of other ETSY Sellers :
Swiedebie, Pini Piru, NancyvdBoom, Broochefrommaris, Martice, Paperfection, Viltalakim, Babongo, Nirangal, Knoest, Karibombari, blota, Lindecise, LAccentnou, Momfetti,
AmcPoelmanDesign, Mamutopia, Tizzalicious.

Keep updated about Dutch artists on Dutch Handmade.

A special thanks goes to Mitsy ( Artmind ) for the creative challenge in a goodie bag :)

I did see Matt (Etsy rep. Berlin) for a sec, but he was on a shopping spree ;-P


Cor said…
What a wonderful day we had. It was just perfect. Thank you all for your contribution!
karibombari said…
it was a fantastic day today, great vibe in the market. Like your photo.
Anonymous said…
The fair was fantastic! Wow, lovely photos taken, Ama. We were so blessed with good weather though predicted to be bad. :)
Thank you for the sharing.
Thank you so very much for sharing!
Martice said…
I missed you?!??!!?
miss-minoes said…
Hi Martice, someone else was keeping an eye on your booth when I passed it. It's funny though, we both live in the same town, and yet we never meet....
Thanks for sharing your photos. I even see myself in Thangbai's booth. It was nice meeting you again. As a fellow business women I hope your business will take off well. Best of luck.
ArtMind said…
Oh man, I was so happy to receive your fabulous PIMPED card! It made me SMILE BIG TIME! Thanks so much & I loved meeting you Miss Minoes! :)
(love your 'real' name too)

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