Why choose organic cotton...?

More awareness is needed about the toxics used in the main cottonproducing business. As a consumer I find that organic cotton products are usually only a fraction more expensive than chemical cotton...in Euros/Dollars.
But if you are looking at the REAL price we are paying, than a chemical cotton t-shirt costs a whole lot more!

PLEASE do watch the video on Pini Piru's blog:
Pini Piru: Why choose organic cotton...?: "The Conventional Trap from NI Magazine on Vimeo. And still most big company's use bad cotton instead of organic....! Why??"


Annette F Tait said…
thanks Ama, I just watched it. It's shocking, and unbelievable if it were not for the fact that it's true.
The chemical companies should be closed, worldwide because of their irresponsible actions in India.
miss-minoes said…
Thanks for your comment, Annette.
I agree. I believe in consumer-power: money talks. We must stop this.

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