Cycling through the Dutch landscape

Today was the warmest Easter Sunday since the history of temperature measuring in the Netherlands. So, like a lot of Dutch people, we went to the outdoors.
In our case: cycling through the "polder"-landscape surrounding my home town Leiden.

Of course I totally soaked myself in SPF 50+ to avoid sunburn.
And as usual: on my head a stylish, yet protective sunhat.
Sunhats are to become THE trend of summer 2011, even in the Netherlands!

On the photo you can see me showing of my newest design with a smaller brim (so it won't catch the wind when you're on your bike).

Now, you might expect an atmospheric photo of a Dutch cycling trip would have tulips, cows, windmills....

But here's the photo I took today:

Yes, it's alpaca's !


Anonymous said…
LOl alpaca´s in a dutch scenery, I expĂ«cted Cows or sheep, ......
perfect day it was!

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