IJhallen : when every month it's queensday

When I (only recently) discovered the IJhallen car booth market, my first reaction was: Why didn't anybody tell about this? 
But since then I got the same reaction from everyone else I told about this market. So I wasn't the only one in oblivian.

IJhallen is a huge flea market / car booth market in Amsterdam. In summer it's in open air (700 booths) and in winter indoors (500 booths).

This photo is of about a fifth of the market, to get an impression:

The market is super easy to reach for both Amsterdam people as out of towners:
From the Amsterdam Centraal station you take a free ferry to NDSM (about 10 minutes) and you walk to the IJhallen in a few more minutes.
Entrance is €4 for adults, €1.5 for children.

What's also nice: it is every first sunday of the month from 9.00 till 16.30, so after visiting IJhallen you can go to the free Sunday Market (12.00-18.00).
On the Sunday Market artists, designers and independent companies sell their products (fashion, organic food, handmade items). So you can make a real day of it!

Here's what I got. 
All together for under a tenner (including poffertjes, which I ate =^x^= ).

vintage bowl
 cat eye shoelaces (never grow up ;) )
 love the colours of this checkered skirt
 the bag reminded me of the circus, 
and matches my Jisk plantpots
 always love celtic knits
this old lamp base will be a hat stand when I'm finished with it!



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