The Weave Wave

Last weekend the Weaving Revolution took place in several Dutch towns. The event was organized by EtsyNL. Keep an eye on their Facebook page if you are interested in joining this kind of events, Etsy Labs, etc.
The first days were already succesfull in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. On Sunday I joined the 3rd gathering to weave in Utrecht @ the 'artist in residence' location of Casco.

Guided and inspired by Travis Meinolf people of all ages learned to weave and contributed to making a big blanket.
Travis is an American artist, now living in Berlin. You'll find a full overview of his projects on his website: Actionweaver . It was very interesting to (re)learn a traditional technique that is and has been used all over the world. ( I've done some dabbling in weaving when I was about 8 yrs old....),
Just as fascinating are the ideas behind it. Like the idea that me making a piece of fabric in my leisure time means it was made by someone who at that moment wanted to do that activity. While when I buy a piece of cloth in a store, it was probably made by someone who at the moment of producing would rather have been doing something else. 

We were a small group in Utrecht, but very enthousiastic. Some were Etsy sellers and some were not. There was a birthday, there was yarn, there was cake (my Mighthy-Mighty-Goji-Berry-Cake recipe will be posted on this blog soon). :)

I'll let the photo's speak for themselves.
1.Threading the loom


3. Weave!

4.Weave!! (that's me!)

5. Result

6. Several people on different locations have been working on the same piece.

7. Putting the pieces together.
On the facebook page of EtsyNL, you can see the finished blanket.

Thanks Marta, for taking the 2 pictures of me weaving.


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